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Butterfly on moisture land

One of the most beautiful insect in the world is the Butterfly. It belongs to the order of Lepidoptera. From a child to old ones, everyone are so attracted to butterflies. Butterflies the colors, the elegance, the way it sits on the flowers, flickering wings, the opening and closing of the wings – all this adds to its beauty.

The butterflies are mostly seen during bright sunlight that is from to  This is mainly because the beautiful colors reflect in the sunlight and the beauty is exposed. During These hours their main enemies the birds are less roaming. The wings of the butterflies have round spots that acts like  eyes, and thus they are protected from enemies.

I have seen  them taking rest on the stones where there is moisture or on moisture lands. Butterflies attracts everybody’s eyes. There are many species of butterflies, some migrate from place to place.  The life cycle of the butterfly is from egg the caterpillar comes and it forms the cocoon and from that the butterfly comes out.

It is from the cocoons silk threads are made. The silk threads are then woven to silk saris. The silk saris are very famous all over the world. Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is famous for silk saris.



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