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My Garden

DSC01298After a long gap, I am entering into this new venture, From now on I am planning to post my  shoots from my garden – My Garden  is a small one with few trees and plants. At timesimes I will be missing, in my home, when my son or my better-half searches for me. Half of the time I will be in my garden talking to my plants and small creatures around my garden. I mostly water the plants in my garden by keenly and closely watching them. I can find small creatures like Bees, Butterflies, Spiders, Crickets,Bugs,Beetles, Praying Mantis, Flies, Worms, Centipede, Millipedes, dragon flies,reptiles in my garden.

I love my garden – as my garden is soothing me in many ways. I forget my worries and when I enter the home from my garden, I am rejuvenated.  I will be holding my camera always when I visit my garden. When I am with my camera, they tease me sometimes, I get encouragements, and discouragements too. But I used to ignore all those and whenever possible I hold my camera with me and now I am happy for having shot many beauties in my garden and in spite of that I have missed many beautiful shots.

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