My Thoughts

This is my First Page

Dear Friends, I have created this site for my friends who play a very vital role in my life. without them I would not have achieved many things in my life. They had been and are a boosting source of energy. I owe them all a lot. I felt like me there would be more friends who may need a helping hand in various fields. I am sharing with you Рmost of my experiences, that which I have come across, I have undergone, I have heard through reliable sources Рlike wise in this small sharings. It is a mixture of many subjects. I would like to share the beauty of nature,the hobby of taking snaps, the interest in art works and creativity were the main inspiration and boosting factors for the nativity of this blog. I will share with you all the best and the worst.

Thank you friends for all the support.

Firstly, I have started sharing the snaps and my surveying o f the small tiny creatures like bees, butterflies, spiders, moths, dragonflies, damselflies and few birds, reptiles and small details of them. I am sure Nature lovers really will enjoy it.


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