My Thoughts

Nature – The Beauty

The lavishes of rain has brought a total change in the weather. My tiny garden is filled with small insects, ants, many new  shrubs and herbs. The tiny winged little ones adds more beauty to my garden. The confidence they have got to visit my small place gives me immense pleasure as I was longing for such an ambiance. My hard work in this small garden inspite of many obstacles and oppositions. But now they all enjoy my garden and relish themselves in the beauty.

The saddest part is I planted two coconut trees before 4 years. Both were growing up equally and has reached 6 feet nearly. All of a sudden in one of the trees there was a change in the leaves. It has started to become black as if affected from fire. Luckily the person who helps me to clean the garden too turned out that day. He said that the tree is infected by the bug bite and we can save it as the new leaf is still alive. So I bought him medicene and it was laid on the bottom of the trunk. The tree was same and the new leaf took a long    time too come out. daily I used to talk with it and while watering I used to touch the new leaves and say it can still do better. To my surprise it came out well and another new leaf sprouted. In another 2 months time there was again a failure as the new sprouted leaf was spoiled. Then I had no option but to remove the whole tree. The tree was so heavy and two strong persons was not able to pull it out. I was so upset as the  tree which had grown for 4 years is no more. Everytime I see the empty space my I feel very bad. One week back I have planted a new sapling in that empty space. Lets hope for the best.DSC05364