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Emerald Wasp

Emerald Wasp attacking Cockroach

Jewel Wasp attacking Cockroach


Emerald Wasp Vs Coackroach

Emerald Wasp

Emerald Wasp attacking Cockroach In the mid afternoon as I was roaming about in the garden I came across this  Emerald Wasp which is also known as jewel wasp. This female wasp was flying here and there. I took the camera for clicking it. Then I saw a cockroach lying on the side of the wall.As I dislike the cockroaches , I ignored it and was following the Jewel Wasp. The jewel wasp flew near the cockroach, and there was a small fight between them.

The Emerald Wasp managed to sting the cockroach near the neck part. After few mints the cockroach fell silent. Then I saw something amazing. The Emerald Wasp started to drag the cockroach antenna. The cockroach which was triple the size of the wasp started to walk silently.  The wasp dragged the  cockroach through until it reached a hole in the old wall which was made of mud.   Then it turned backside and went inside the hole and pulled the cockroach neatly into the small hole. Then after few seconds it came out, and was searching for something. Then it came across some small stones and hard mud. The Emerald Wasp took them one by one to the whole where the cockroach is. It kept the stones and the mud inside the hole and covered it. Then it came out and cleaned itself. Then it left the place.

You can watch the video by me in you tube

The wasp makes the cockroach as the host for  laying the eggs. The eggs when hatches out will as a eat the cockroach and grows fully and come out of the hole as a fully grown cockroach.

Inspiring Personalites

In our Day today life we come across many persons who inspire our life. I have come across so many who has inspired me and I wished I would share about them on this Wonderful Year 2015.

Among many Inspiring Personalites my father falls first, he is, who has inspired me a lot.  Though every child or the daughter likes his or her father, my father is one of the Extraordinary man.

I have seen him as a perfect person in his duties, a man who is regular in his routines,observing nature, judging things, doing good to all a man of iron heart,  but a person who loves the family and friends. – He thought us we should not fail in all our duties.

It was a time when there was no media. He has brought up us with all the basic knowledge he had gathered in his life by narrating about them, to us – His Children – He gave us basic knowledge on various fields.

He had given us the the freedom to voice out our opinions in all the decisions he had to take, either it be business or family matters. He has given importance to our opinions and if  it is right he never hesitated to put that in action though we were young. He has  guided us – To tackle the hard situations.

He has brought us up independent, educated us, and he has highlighted our talents, in a way we feel that we have been a forerunners to the community –

I feel immensely happy to express my gratitude to my father who has guided us in the  right way.

He has inspired me, inspiring and has to inspire more in my life.



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Rainbow Crowned Sun – Sun Halo

Rainbow Crowned Sun – Sun Halo is a rare splendid view that one can get.  This was observed by me on that fine day in my place in India. It was in September and the weather was clouded. I was surprised to see this ring around the Sun. Crowned Sun – Sun Halo I have never seen in my life time. I have come across many a time the halo of moon in our native place in the night and it is called as Nilaa Kottai in tamil (Moon Halo). But  the halo of the sun halo for the first time.

When  when I  saw this halo around the sun I thought it as the rainbow around the sun. As the ring around the sun was colourful as that of the rainbow. But when I Googled it I came to know that it is the halo that is formed around the sun at 22 degree.

When the refraction of  light  from the Sun passes though the ice crystals that is in the cirrostratus clouds the Sun Halo is formed. This happens on the cold weather days when the ice crystals floats in the air. As the ring is around the Sun as a crown I have named the Halo Sun as Crowned Sun .

Halo Sun

The Rainbow Crowned Sun



A few days back I met a person, when I had been to get the provisions. The person whom I met was an auto driver and he is of 62 years. Generally, we had a talk about the meter fare that is introduced in the city.

He said it is less fare and the government should increase a bit which would be convenient for all.

As the talk were going I asked him about his family. He told that he has got two children. One was a boy and another was a girl. Then I asked him how so old are they. He said they both are married and they are working. I asked him in what job there are in. There his tone was sounding so happy. I felt that he has a  He told me the daughter is working in WIPRO as Assistant Manager. I was really surprised. I  felt that his tone sounds that he has achieved so much .  Then he told that both my son and daughter studied in one of the well  known college in the city which is ranked 5th in the city. The got in their college seats in merit. This was the achievement by the children. He was so overwhelmed, when I told him that “ you have brought up the children in the right way”. He said, “Yes, ma from the young age they struggled with me and stood by me all the way.”

Their mother, my wife is a heart patient and I have to spend so much for her treatment. They understood all the sufferings and they stood by me in all my achievements. Then he told about the achievement of his son, who is working as a supervisor in L&T. He also raised from small job to this level in a period of 3 years.

I fell spell bound on seeing the achievements of the children and the man who struggled through his life in procuring the fulfillment of his life. I could see content and glow in his face that he has achieved something.


Beautiful Moments

Beautiful Moments are the pleasant moments we feel so delighted in our lives. Beautiful moments starts in a persons life from the day he or she is born. A child’s birth is the worlds one of the beautiful moments to all parents. The first smile of the child is another beautiful  moment. The crawling of the baby makes the whole family with joy and that is a beautiful moment. The first step of the child make the parents feel as if the child is entering the planet earth with its soft tender footsteps. The first words spoken by the child  gives the beautiful feeling as if we have conquered the whole world. The first day of the school is  and its a beautiful moment for the child and the parents. The graduation in one’s life is a mile stone and it adds to our beautiful moments. Then comes the most beautiful moment  – The marriage. It adds so much of pleasure to our life where yet another  generation of life comes into existence and the life cycle goes on. Each and every one would have had and will  have different beautiful moments in their walks of life.

Nature's Beautiful Moment

Beautiful Moments

Butterfly – Crimson Rose – Atrophaneura (Pachliopta) aristolochiae

Butterfly – Crimson Rose  which is a swallow tail butterfly which is common in India was seen in my garden often .Whenever I try to click him, he just escapes or keeps on flickering its wings.  Butterfly – Crimson Rose is also known as common rose. Butterfly – Crimson Rose was resting today morning in a small tree. I took snaps in different angles. The body of this butterfly is so attractive with black stripes on red body. Butterfly – Crimson Rose wings are of black and red combination and little of white spots in the bottom side of the wings makes it more pretty. The upper part of the wings is with white lines and segments.  The Crimson Rose butterfliesButterfly – Red and Black

Butterfly - Blacknd Red a

Butterfly – Crimson Rose – Atrophaneura (Pachliopta) aristolochiae

scientifc name is Atrophaneura (Pachliopta) aristolochiae

Spiders – Jumping Scorpion Spider

Jumping Spider are  of 500 species nearly.  Jumping Scorpion Spider which I came across is of red back with light blue on the upper body.  Jumping Scorpion Spider has a pair of chela or the pincers. Jumping Scorpion Spider is diurnal one, that is it is active during daylight and sleeps at night. Jumping Scorpion Spider one is more active on the midday sun and not seen in the early mornings  or evenings.


Spiders – Jumping Scorpion Spider

Jumping Scorpion Spider is very swift in action. In no second  Jumping Scorpion Spider disappears from the place. I saw  Jumping Scorpion Spider in the coconut tree and after some 30 minutes after I happen to see it on another banana type flowering plant which is 30 yards away.

Jumping Scorpion Spider is given the scientific name Metacyrbahe PunctataJumping Scorpion Spider falls in the class of Salticidae.




10748667_10203015054207511_2061071395_nDamselfly is a attractive creature which is seen near marshy lands and streams. I happened to see  this damsel, when I had been on a trip with my friends. It was near a small stream and it was mid afternoon that we saw this damsel beauty.  There our children on seeing this damselfly started their discussion as ”  This is more like that of a dragonfly but the wings are like that of a butterfly”. We all shot that beauty – damselfly, in our cameras. There were three different colours of damselflies. The exotic damselfly was in peacock green colour. I  got a green body and brown transparent wings in my camera.  When we came back home my son searched for a dragonfly with butterfly wings and found that it is a damselfly. Read the rest of this page »

Tiny Spider


The tiny Spider caught my eyes in the afternoon time when I was examining my small garden. I was having my camera in my hand but could not shoot the Spider. As the Spider was a little creature that escaped my eyes in no flash of time. I searched for the tiny Spider but couldn’t find the  Spider that day. I was searching the Spider in the same plant for more than a week. Later, one day when I was watching the ants in the coconut  tree this minute little spider came across me.  But the Spider  was very rapid that he got out of my sight in no minute. Then I thought I should find the spider somehow, so I started visiting my garden at the same timings . The tiny Spider was seen on the Guva tree yesterday. The very sight of  the  Spider made me cheerful and I started to capture the tiny Spider. But the tiny Spider was so rapid that I couldn’t shoot the Spider.

Today I happened to see the Spider on a plant where there was little sunlight. The Spider was so cute in copper blue color and golden yellow back. It was as small as small red ants bot with transparent eight legs. The Spider goes from one tree to another with the help of  web. Whereas, the Spider jumps from one leaves to another even if the next leaf is 2 inches away which is really amazing .


One fine morning, when I got up and went to the dining  room window  I happen to see a green bee – (Merops orientalis), just buzing around.  The window was open.  So it had come in. I have been following  these beautiful green bees in my back yard for a long time. It was a regular visitor to my basil plant during hot sun. I have taken some snaps of it.

In my usual routine, I totally forgot the bee ear the window . The next day morning when I went near  the same window, the bee was still there. It didn’t take its usual swift ride, but was silent. The whole day it should have been there without food. I felt so bad. I thought it to be dead.  So in a doubt I handled it very gently and took it  to  my backyard.

I left that in the branch of a plant  where there is little sun and watched. After few minutes it started moving its tentacles. Then slowly it warmed up by cleaning its face and flickering its wings. then it flew away with the same swift. I felt so nice on seeing that.

My heart was filled with bountiful happiness, joy and peace on seeing the bee alive and normal.

Honey bee

A man who dares to waste one hour of his time has not discovered the value of life – Charles Darwin

I have hectic work and my only time for relief from my schedule is spent after looking my lovely garden. There was a lot of activity around the basil plants that I had raised for medicinal purposes. There were these tiny bees that were imbibing the nectar.Though I keep on watching honey bees for a long time, the  first few days  when I go nearby, they flew away thinking me as a danger,  but nowadays they accept me and they are busy on their work.  I happened to see them closely through my son’s camera lens only today.

Tthe pollen they had on the underside we can say they were worker bees. I revered their hard work. They didn’t just come for a day. They came every day and did the same work they had done on the previous day. When I constantly noted their motion with a watch, their work didn’t reduce day by day but remained the same when I first saw them. They were regular and punctual. When the sun goes warm they are there and until dusk.

They had the same amount of energy in  them. They were there to help their family and they did it with dedication, hard work and what not. And my thought suddenly ran into Charles Darwin  theories “Survival of the fittest”, said thou, and now man is considered as the fittest. A shy smile came upon my face. If bees were our size and had just a little of our brains probably we would be extinct.

Honey bee –  is so brisk, active and hardworking,diligent and lively, why can’t we ?.


Heartfelt Thanks


I must extend my heartfelt thanks to all – Who had been of great support  for me to accomplish my wish.

My husband had been the back bone for this.

My son encouraged me to write and shoot picturesDSC00037.

My Father, my Mother, my aunt, and my siblings, had also been a great support to me.

I should thank each and everyone of them for their contribution for my writing.

Especially, I should thank ‘WordPress’ for having made it possible by their templates. It is because of them I was able to

create this site so effectively and efficiently.


Great Day – Has Begun

Today  was a day of great energy, as I started the great day with my hobby _  Photography. I took photos of many persons – right from the paper distributor, milkman, a lady drying papads,an old ladies making garlands with flower for God,  workers in a wood cutting factory,  a person carrying sack of rice in rice shop, tea man distributing tea in cycle for the construction workers.

It was a day of happiness as was to take so many snaps – with all of them doing their regular works enthusiastically. Each one did their work with great involvement and I was able to see the toil of some people for their living . I took some snaps for “Happy Villages Happy India”.

Enjoyed the Great day, with the rememberings of the start of the day – one of my hobby.



Today, being a special day with 12-12-12 as date, I am planning to put 12 posts. I have taken this as my target.

I took this decision all of a sudden. So all of you have to bear with me today. Hope I am able to complete this. I am putting in all

my efforts to do this.  12-12-12 @ 12.12 .12 Sec.This will happen again after a century. So all of you friends have a great day.


Small Scientist

when I was on my small walk around my residence, I happened to see some children playing. Among them one was driving cycle

whereas, one naughty kid was holding the back stand of the cycle on the middle of the ride. One smart kid told the naughty not

to do so as it may make the one riding the cycle might fall and cause injury. But the naughty kid became furious and started

saying,”He is my brother I can do whatever I want,  who are you, to say not to do. But the smart kid again said , if he falls and

gets injuries who will take care. The naughty kid said,” my father will take care, he will take him to the hospital and spend money.

Why do you worry?”. He was about to bully the smart boy. I was about to go to stop them. But a small  girl who was also playing

with them intervened in between those both to avoid their  fight.

But again the naughty boy started his fight by wrestling the other. They fell down fighting within the time I reach them.

So, I went and stopped their fight and advised the naughty kid not to do so. He was very much in anger and said nothing.

Then I asked all their names and school and left for my walk.

Then after some time I happened to meet that smart kid and enquired about his class and studies. He said he is

in 5th standard. He is good at studies too. He has got good marks – ‘A’Grade. I then asked what he wants to be in future.

After a long hesitation he came out with an answer saying “Micrology Scientist” (Microbiology scientist).

Though he spelt it  wrong, I was moved on by the answer, and I wished him All Success and Good Luck.


Perfection is what each one of us should have. It comes out of experience.  Whenever we take up  a work for the first time,

we may be blank or little aware of it. Once if we start doing it we get some ideas on how to do it simple and in easy way. I have experienced this in

many of my works, right from office work to kitchen work , even in my hobbies like painting, gardening, photography etc. Whenever,

we do a work we must be perfect in that. It is really difficult to be perfect. But once we are into it we will not be able to come

out of that. Like we can say little things make perfection but Perfection is not a little thing. When there is perfection in our doings

that would make our mind happy.



Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects in the world. The wonderful colours and fluttering flight is of elegance that attracts

everyone’s eye. Butterflies are of different color combination lie black and purple, red and black, black and copper blue,

yellow and violet, black and green, white and black, and many more. Butterflies have different patterns in their wings and body.

I have been watching these butterflies in  my back yard and I happen to notice one thing. Butterflies come by 10 to 11 am

and roam until 3 to Only at this time they are seen. I was wondering why?. After 5 months of observation i came to know

that birds do not appear much at this time. I really enjoy watching the butterflies , the way they sit and they flicker the wings

a few times and they close them. Butterflies open them again only when the move to another place or they try to fly.

Butterflies are little cute ones to  watch. The camouflage in their wings are another wonder in God’s creation.







Experience is the outcome of experience. Is it not twisting. Yes, Experience comes to us only when we are doing the same work

many times. Whomsoever you may be or whatsoever the situation experience is plays a vital role. Right from the child to the old, 

from a ordinary person to a professional, experience gained by them makes a big difference. Experience is a kind of knowledge,

one gets out of their doings, surroundings and circumstances. We gain wisdom out of our experience. Our forefathers out of

their personal experience have attained their knowledge.They share that knowledge to us in many ways like stories, idioms, 

phrases. The experience may be like personal experience, mental experience, emotional experience, experience out of

immense learningspiritual experience,religious experience, medicinal experience, scientific  experience, political experience,

social experience  and like wise. So one can attain much knowledge on the particular field is out of experience.

Bringing Up Children

Bringing up Children is both, enjoyable and a tough task. Rasing the kids the parents have a vital role. Lots of responsibility,

is there for the parents. This generation kids gets a lots of  exposure. The parents the mother and father should be thier role model

They both should be lenient as well as strict. They have to be friendly, and express the kids wrong doing in the right way.

Parents play an important role in molding up the children.

Accordingly, there should be liberty,but should know their responsibility. The children should know values of  love,discipline,

respect,time, money, hardship,duty. The children nowadays get only less time to talk to their parents. This should be avoided.

Daily or two days once the children and the parents should sit together and talk lively.

Nowadays, the kids doesn’t have the patience to listen. So, we have to convey the message  short and sweet and in the right way.

Most of all the parents must understand their mental outlook  in upbringing the children. This plays a vital role. So that their view should not

differ. Analyse, the positive in both and inculcate this in children.



Salt is one of the main ingredient in our kitchens. Without salt the dishes would be a waste. The right amount of salt makes

the dishes very tasty.

Adding  a pinch salt while sauteing the onions makes the onions a little bit tastier and it gets fried up easily.

Adding Salt while sauteing tomatoes or cooking tomatoes it gets cooked fast.

To get the juice of the tamarind instantly soak it with salt and warm water.

Add  a pinch of salt to all the sweets you make,  this increases the taste of the sweet you make and the sweet ingredients,

you add is lessened.