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Emerald Wasp

Emerald Wasp attacking Cockroach

Jewel Wasp attacking Cockroach


Emerald Wasp Vs Coackroach

Emerald Wasp

Emerald Wasp attacking Cockroach In the mid afternoon as I was roaming about in the garden I came across this  Emerald Wasp which is also known as jewel wasp. This female wasp was flying here and there. I took the camera for clicking it. Then I saw a cockroach lying on the side of the wall.As I dislike the cockroaches , I ignored it and was following the Jewel Wasp. The jewel wasp flew near the cockroach, and there was a small fight between them.

The Emerald Wasp managed to sting the cockroach near the neck part. After few mints the cockroach fell silent. Then I saw something amazing. The Emerald Wasp started to drag the cockroach antenna. The cockroach which was triple the size of the wasp started to walk silently.  The wasp dragged the  cockroach through until it reached a hole in the old wall which was made of mud.   Then it turned backside and went inside the hole and pulled the cockroach neatly into the small hole. Then after few seconds it came out, and was searching for something. Then it came across some small stones and hard mud. The Emerald Wasp took them one by one to the whole where the cockroach is. It kept the stones and the mud inside the hole and covered it. Then it came out and cleaned itself. Then it left the place.

You can watch the video by me in you tube

The wasp makes the cockroach as the host for  laying the eggs. The eggs when hatches out will as a eat the cockroach and grows fully and come out of the hole as a fully grown cockroach.

Beautiful Moments

Beautiful Moments are the pleasant moments we feel so delighted in our lives. Beautiful moments starts in a persons life from the day he or she is born. A child’s birth is the worlds one of the beautiful moments to all parents. The first smile of the child is another beautiful  moment. The crawling of the baby makes the whole family with joy and that is a beautiful moment. The first step of the child make the parents feel as if the child is entering the planet earth with its soft tender footsteps. The first words spoken by the child  gives the beautiful feeling as if we have conquered the whole world. The first day of the school is  and its a beautiful moment for the child and the parents. The graduation in one’s life is a mile stone and it adds to our beautiful moments. Then comes the most beautiful moment  – The marriage. It adds so much of pleasure to our life where yet another  generation of life comes into existence and the life cycle goes on. Each and every one would have had and will  have different beautiful moments in their walks of life.

Nature's Beautiful Moment

Beautiful Moments