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Beautiful Moments

Beautiful Moments are the pleasant moments we feel so delighted in our lives. Beautiful moments starts in a persons life from the day he or she is born. A child’s birth is the worlds one of the beautiful moments to all parents. The first smile of the child is another beautiful  moment. The crawling of the baby makes the whole family with joy and that is a beautiful moment. The first step of the child make the parents feel as if the child is entering the planet earth with its soft tender footsteps. The first words spoken by the child  gives the beautiful feeling as if we have conquered the whole world. The first day of the school is  and its a beautiful moment for the child and the parents. The graduation in one’s life is a mile stone and it adds to our beautiful moments. Then comes the most beautiful moment  – The marriage. It adds so much of pleasure to our life where yet another  generation of life comes into existence and the life cycle goes on. Each and every one would have had and will  have different beautiful moments in their walks of life.

Nature's Beautiful Moment

Beautiful Moments

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