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Butterfly – Crimson Rose – Atrophaneura (Pachliopta) aristolochiae

Butterfly – Crimson Rose  which is a swallow tail butterfly which is common in India was seen in my garden often .Whenever I try to click him, he just escapes or keeps on flickering its wings.  Butterfly – Crimson Rose is also known as common rose. Butterfly – Crimson Rose was resting today morning in a small tree. I took snaps in different angles. The body of this butterfly is so attractive with black stripes on red body. Butterfly – Crimson Rose wings are of black and red combination and little of white spots in the bottom side of the wings makes it more pretty. The upper part of the wings is with white lines and segments.  The Crimson Rose butterfliesButterfly – Red and Black

Butterfly - Blacknd Red a

Butterfly – Crimson Rose – Atrophaneura (Pachliopta) aristolochiae

scientifc name is Atrophaneura (Pachliopta) aristolochiae

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