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Spiders, the web beauties are wonders when observed closely. Spider_12 Spiders are cute  little creatures, that dwells in our houses and plants.

When I tried to click the Spiders closely some Spiders lifted their heads to look at the camera, and  it was an awesome sight to look at. Spiders eyes are so pretty, two small little balls smaller than that of the mustard seeds are real  charm  to our eyes. The jumping of Some Spiders are so swift and that is amazing.  Whereas few  types of

Spiders moves from a leaf to another with the help of the adhesive thread  which is  really awesome.  Few Spiders walks hastily.  These type of motion are there when there is danger or if they have to get hold of  preys. As for as my observation goes, Spiders hides  to safety like beneath the leaves or the steams of the plants when they happen to come accross Big Ants.  Spiders main preys are bees, mosquitoes, flies and small insects.

Spiders are of many types. A few types of Spiders are Jumping Spiders, Crab Spiders, Scorpion spiders, Ant Imitating Spiders, Widow Spiders, Black Spiders, Home Spiders, Sociald sh Spiders.

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