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Spiders – Jumping Scorpion Spider

Jumping Spider are  of 500 species nearly.  Jumping Scorpion Spider which I came across is of red back with light blue on the upper body.  Jumping Scorpion Spider has a pair of chela or the pincers. Jumping Scorpion Spider is diurnal one, that is it is active during daylight and sleeps at night. Jumping Scorpion Spider one is more active on the midday sun and not seen in the early mornings  or evenings.


Spiders – Jumping Scorpion Spider

Jumping Scorpion Spider is very swift in action. In no second  Jumping Scorpion Spider disappears from the place. I saw  Jumping Scorpion Spider in the coconut tree and after some 30 minutes after I happen to see it on another banana type flowering plant which is 30 yards away.

Jumping Scorpion Spider is given the scientific name Metacyrbahe PunctataJumping Scorpion Spider falls in the class of Salticidae.

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