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10748667_10203015054207511_2061071395_nDamselfly is a attractive creature which is seen near marshy lands and streams. I happened to see  this damsel, when I had been on a trip with my friends. It was near a small stream and it was mid afternoon that we saw this damsel beauty.  There our children on seeing this damselfly started their discussion as ”  This is more like that of a dragonfly but the wings are like that of a butterfly”. We all shot that beauty – damselfly, in our cameras. There were three different colours of damselflies. The exotic damselfly was in peacock green colour. I  got a green body and brown transparent wings in my camera.  When we came back home my son searched for a dragonfly with butterfly wings and found that it is a damselfly.

The head and body of the damselfly  was like that of a dragonfly but both were thin and small. Its wings were that of a butterfly with single exotic colours. Damselflies were slow in flight and they rested on the leaves near the stream. Oh Oh, I remember taking a snap of a small damselfly with transparent wings in my garden few days back. I thought it was yet another species of dragonfly. But now I knew it is a damselfly. As it is raining continuously for the past fifteen days  we are able to see this alluring damselflies.

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