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Tiny Spider


The tiny Spider caught my eyes in the afternoon time when I was examining my small garden. I was having my camera in my hand but could not shoot the Spider. As the Spider was a little creature that escaped my eyes in no flash of time. I searched for the tiny Spider but couldn’t find the  Spider that day. I was searching the Spider in the same plant for more than a week. Later, one day when I was watching the ants in the coconut  tree this minute little spider came across me.  But the Spider  was very rapid that he got out of my sight in no minute. Then I thought I should find the spider somehow, so I started visiting my garden at the same timings . The tiny Spider was seen on the Guva tree yesterday. The very sight of  the  Spider made me cheerful and I started to capture the tiny Spider. But the tiny Spider was so rapid that I couldn’t shoot the Spider.

Today I happened to see the Spider on a plant where there was little sunlight. The Spider was so cute in copper blue color and golden yellow back. It was as small as small red ants bot with transparent eight legs. The Spider goes from one tree to another with the help of  web. Whereas, the Spider jumps from one leaves to another even if the next leaf is 2 inches away which is really amazing .

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