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Rainbow Crowned Sun – Sun Halo

Rainbow Crowned Sun – Sun Halo is a rare splendid view that one can get.  This was observed by me on that fine day in my place in India. It was in September and the weather was clouded. I was surprised to see this ring around the Sun. Crowned Sun – Sun Halo I have never seen in my life time. I have come across many a time the halo of moon in our native place in the night and it is called as Nilaa Kottai in tamil (Moon Halo). But  the halo of the sun halo for the first time.

When  when I  saw this halo around the sun I thought it as the rainbow around the sun. As the ring around the sun was colourful as that of the rainbow. But when I Googled it I came to know that it is the halo that is formed around the sun at 22 degree.

When the refraction of  light  from the Sun passes though the ice crystals that is in the cirrostratus clouds the Sun Halo is formed. This happens on the cold weather days when the ice crystals floats in the air. As the ring is around the Sun as a crown I have named the Halo Sun as Crowned Sun .

Halo Sun

The Rainbow Crowned Sun


Tiny Spider


The tiny Spider caught my eyes in the afternoon time when I was examining my small garden. I was having my camera in my hand but could not shoot the Spider. As the Spider was a little creature that escaped my eyes in no flash of time. I searched for the tiny Spider but couldn’t find the  Spider that day. I was searching the Spider in the same plant for more than a week. Later, one day when I was watching the ants in the coconut  tree this minute little spider came across me.  But the Spider  was very rapid that he got out of my sight in no minute. Then I thought I should find the spider somehow, so I started visiting my garden at the same timings . The tiny Spider was seen on the Guva tree yesterday. The very sight of  the  Spider made me cheerful and I started to capture the tiny Spider. But the tiny Spider was so rapid that I couldn’t shoot the Spider.

Today I happened to see the Spider on a plant where there was little sunlight. The Spider was so cute in copper blue color and golden yellow back. It was as small as small red ants bot with transparent eight legs. The Spider goes from one tree to another with the help of  web. Whereas, the Spider jumps from one leaves to another even if the next leaf is 2 inches away which is really amazing .

Litter in Theaters

My dear  friends, here is a humble request. I happen to see people litter in theaters.They enjoy

the movie with snacks and drinks. Movie or cinema is an enterainment but it turns disastrous

to some of them. Some gentle men and women  keep or drop the cups & cans of  coke, pepsi,

sprite, 7up, fanta, miranda ,other soft drinks their chairs and seats. This in turn gets spilled all over and the floor is slippery.

Litter in theaters causes lots of misshappenings like the elderly people falling down. Some times the kids,

and it even causes sprain in legs. Not only this, the big popcorn cups and other snakcs like pups

and hotdogs pouches get struck in the shoes or chapels and causes hazardous fall in the steps

of the theaters. Litter in theaters is happening in mall theaters, big cinemas and so on. Kindly, leave the

cups on the places provided or take it and throw in the dustbins. Why don’t we train our kids

to do so, they can cultivate this type of good habits from young age. This will help us to keep

our surroundings neat and clean.


Crow and Cuckoo/Koel


The Cuckoo chick ready To leave the foster mother


The innocent crow and the cunning cuckoo

Crow – The Foster Mother

The crow is the step mother of all cuckoos.  The cuckoo which does not a build nest of its own cunningly plans to multiple its species. Do you

know,how?. When the egg is ready to be laid the female bird with the help of the male find the crows nest. The crow has two to three eggs of its

own, in its nest. The cuckoo carefully watching the crows movement in the nest, at the right time reaches the nest. By pushing down or

swallowing one of the crows egg it lays its own. The crow incubates the eggs and one is for sure cuckoo’s  chick and the other is crow’s which

is need for the cuckoo to brood for its species to survive. The eggs hatches out of which one or two is cuckoo chicks.Crow feeds and brings up

the young ones with utter care as its own. When the time comes for the chicks to fly the chicks come out of the nests and tries to fly of its

own. But for a day or two all the birds train their kids to fly by flying short distances and low heights. Not only that they feed them also to  I

happened to watch that seen often in our villages and sometime around our place too. During this period the parent cuckoos comes to the

rescue of their chicks.  The innocent crow fights with the cuckoos chasing them from its foster chicks. This I happen to have seen often and I

feel very much  for the crow though I like the calls of cuckoo.

Beauty of Nature

Friends it is a hard reality that we are not able to enjoy the nature due to our mechanical life. For just 5 minutes, we can relish the natures beauty with a cup of coffee in our hand  either in the morning or in the evenings. Both the sunrise and sunsets are awesome even if you live in cities. Just look from the balconies of your room. It would be soothing to your mind. If you are tensed are upset go to the terrace or balcony, backyard or front-yard where you can see the sky or the nature. It gives a kind of peace to your mind. So, relish it.That is the beauty of nature

Eco Friendly – Trees

Dear Friends

The waywardly breeze, the shade from sun the rhyming chirping of the birds and the occasional peeks of the squirrels have been lost with what the government calls road expansion and easing of traffic. Is their real motive is to expand the road and lay underground drainages or cut the trees and get a handsome profit.  But the beauty is that they cut all the trees which are not an hindrance at all. We all know that how amny years it takes for a tree to come that too huge ones. Many are more than 60 years but they are easily cut within few hours.

Bright Advertisements but Dark Streets


I happened to travel through one of the main road of the city. There were no street lights. But the advertisement boards were so bright on the sides of the road. The boards are of approximately 6 feet high and 1 1/2feet width . Atleast 2 to 3 tube lights must be there for each add board.

The add boards are there for the entire road on both sides at a distance of 10 feet aprox. You can calculate how much of elctricity is wasted in this. But we citizens suffer without current for 8 to 9 hrs not even the street ligts are on. Many people suffer because of this as there is lot of burglaries and … goes on. This is the plight of our nation. Whom to be blamed?? Only We.

Happy Father

I was cleaning the portico, I heard a voice, I went and saw who it was. It was a man who comes once in a month or so. He was a man affected with leprosy. I usually give him few rupees. Today, he was so bright and energitic. He told me that his daughter has got 440 marks out of 500 in the 10th public result . He also told me that a person who was helping by giving them some money for the child studies has passed away recently. I asked him if he had joined her in 11th he said yes and told me that by begging atleast he will make the child study. – A saying in tamil says – “pichai eduthaenum kalvi kal is a saying ” – which means-  If, ” No money for Education Don’t Hesitate to Beg”. – here the disabled father is begging for his child.