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Happy Father

I was cleaning the portico, I heard a voice, I went and saw who it was. It was a man who comes once in a month or so. He was a man affected with leprosy. I usually give him few rupees. Today, he was so bright and energitic. He told me that his daughter has got 440 marks out of 500 in the 10th public result . He also told me that a person who was helping by giving them some money for the child studies has passed away recently. I asked him if he had joined her in 11th he said yes and told me that by begging atleast he will make the child study. – A saying in tamil says – “pichai eduthaenum kalvi kal is a saying ” – which means-  If, ” No money for Education Don’t Hesitate to Beg”. – here the disabled father is begging for his child.

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