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Rainbow Crowned Sun – Sun Halo

Rainbow Crowned Sun – Sun Halo is a rare splendid view that one can get.  This was observed by me on that fine day in my place in India. It was in September and the weather was clouded. I was surprised to see this ring around the Sun. Crowned Sun – Sun Halo I have never seen in my life time. I have come across many a time the halo of moon in our native place in the night and it is called as Nilaa Kottai in tamil (Moon Halo). But  the halo of the sun halo for the first time.

When  when I  saw this halo around the sun I thought it as the rainbow around the sun. As the ring around the sun was colourful as that of the rainbow. But when I Googled it I came to know that it is the halo that is formed around the sun at 22 degree.

When the refraction of  light  from the Sun passes though the ice crystals that is in the cirrostratus clouds the Sun Halo is formed. This happens on the cold weather days when the ice crystals floats in the air. As the ring is around the Sun as a crown I have named the Halo Sun as Crowned Sun .

Halo Sun

The Rainbow Crowned Sun