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Crow and Cuckoo/Koel


The Cuckoo chick ready To leave the foster mother


The innocent crow and the cunning cuckoo

Crow – The Foster Mother

The crow is the step mother of all cuckoos.  The cuckoo which does not a build nest of its own cunningly plans to multiple its species. Do you

know,how?. When the egg is ready to be laid the female bird with the help of the male find the crows nest. The crow has two to three eggs of its

own, in its nest. The cuckoo carefully watching the crows movement in the nest, at the right time reaches the nest. By pushing down or

swallowing one of the crows egg it lays its own. The crow incubates the eggs and one is for sure cuckoo’s  chick and the other is crow’s which

is need for the cuckoo to brood for its species to survive. The eggs hatches out of which one or two is cuckoo chicks.Crow feeds and brings up

the young ones with utter care as its own. When the time comes for the chicks to fly the chicks come out of the nests and tries to fly of its

own. But for a day or two all the birds train their kids to fly by flying short distances and low heights. Not only that they feed them also to  I

happened to watch that seen often in our villages and sometime around our place too. During this period the parent cuckoos comes to the

rescue of their chicks.  The innocent crow fights with the cuckoos chasing them from its foster chicks. This I happen to have seen often and I

feel very much  for the crow though I like the calls of cuckoo.

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