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The bridge between Friends – Facebook

A year has passed since the day one of my close friend spoke to me nearly after 16 years, the pity is we both live 3 km away in the same city,.  She got in touch with me through my nephew, whom she had seen when he was 3 years old.Seeing him in the profile picture, she had a doubt if it was him and so she searched his friends and found my younger sister, and she confirmed that was the same person. Then she found my mobile number and called me an Saturday night by 10 p.m. I was so surprised on her call and my happiness knew no bounds. We talked for nearly 15 minutes and we planned to meet by the following weekend or so. She was my school friend and we did our postgraduate together. The very next day another friend too called me and spoke with me. Those were happy days of my life, and we brought back the memories of our young days. We must thank Facebook for having been the bridge for us – FRIENDS.

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