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So Near and Yet So Far

Dear Friends,

I shared the happiest moment yesterday and now, I am sharing with you the saddest moment too. This incident happened one week after my close friends call after 16 years – The happiness knew no bounds. That happiest moment turned sad within a week when I heard the news that her husband was no more. It all happened that sudden that she lost her husband in 2 hours – Massive heart attack. She was entirely collapsed not knowing what to do.? When I came to know that nearly 5 days passed and I was totally upset. I was much much upset as I was not able to be there with her at the time of need – So Near and yet So Far. The other thing made me sad was how I am going to face her  a situation which has to be only happiness, –  a meet after a long time. But now, it is the other way round – I was not able to control myself. – At-last,  I consoled myself saying – She was shown to her at the right time – At the time of need.

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