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Litter in Theaters

My dear  friends, here is a humble request. I happen to see people litter in theaters.They enjoy

the movie with snacks and drinks. Movie or cinema is an enterainment but it turns disastrous

to some of them. Some gentle men and women  keep or drop the cups & cans of  coke, pepsi,

sprite, 7up, fanta, miranda ,other soft drinks their chairs and seats. This in turn gets spilled all over and the floor is slippery.

Litter in theaters causes lots of misshappenings like the elderly people falling down. Some times the kids,

and it even causes sprain in legs. Not only this, the big popcorn cups and other snakcs like pups

and hotdogs pouches get struck in the shoes or chapels and causes hazardous fall in the steps

of the theaters. Litter in theaters is happening in mall theaters, big cinemas and so on. Kindly, leave the

cups on the places provided or take it and throw in the dustbins. Why don’t we train our kids

to do so, they can cultivate this type of good habits from young age. This will help us to keep

our surroundings neat and clean.


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