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Hurricane Sandy – The tragic story of a mother

Sandy, the Hurricane has claimed nearly 75 lives which is of 95 MPH(Miles per hour), has lashed the nearly 5 states.

Hurricane Sandy, have washed many homes and  streets, roads and railway tracks are filled with water . Many are in queue to get oil

for thier genrators. Whereas, I happened to read this morning that a mother – Glenda Moore, who lost her two children in the flood is

the saddest part , The poor mother couldn’t save the children though, she was a strong swimmer. Though, the mother and children

escaped 3 sandy waves the fourth one have forcefully grabbed the children away from her. She was on her duty, and she wanted

to leave her boys in the relatives house. But before she reaching the relatives house this tragic incident has happened. Let us pray

for the the poor mother from her own hands, to loose the small kids for the nature’s calamity.


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