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Onion Vendor

Vendors are of many type. Mobile Vendors, Street Vendors, Vendors on the main bazaar roads, Vendors on weekly market of

villages,vendors on highways etc. Many of the mobile vendors or on their legs, whereas a few on bicycle or a moped.

Whether, it is a rainy day or a sunny  day  the mobile vendors are regular.

They walk or ride street by street from early morning till the time their goods are sold.  Some sell a different item the morning

and another in the evening. Whereas some sell seasonal items according to the needs of the season.

Most of them earn their living by selling their goods. They earn a little sum of money and they manage their family.with that.

But when the bread winning vendor falls sick then the whole family will be in trouble  Whether it is a rainy day or a sunny  day

the mobile vendors are regular.

Many of them who sell flowers, greens and there a many who sell vegetables, plastic items, toys and so on.

In case of the street vendors and other type of vendors, they can manage as the other family member can assist them.

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