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One fine morning, when I got up and went to the dining  room window  I happen to see a green bee – (Merops orientalis), just buzing around.  The window was open.  So it had come in. I have been following  these beautiful green bees in my back yard for a long time. It was a regular visitor to my basil plant during hot sun. I have taken some snaps of it.

In my usual routine, I totally forgot the bee ear the window . The next day morning when I went near  the same window, the bee was still there. It didn’t take its usual swift ride, but was silent. The whole day it should have been there without food. I felt so bad. I thought it to be dead.  So in a doubt I handled it very gently and took it  to  my backyard.

I left that in the branch of a plant  where there is little sun and watched. After few minutes it started moving its tentacles. Then slowly it warmed up by cleaning its face and flickering its wings. then it flew away with the same swift. I felt so nice on seeing that.

My heart was filled with bountiful happiness, joy and peace on seeing the bee alive and normal.

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