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Honey bee

A man who dares to waste one hour of his time has not discovered the value of life – Charles Darwin

I have hectic work and my only time for relief from my schedule is spent after looking my lovely garden. There was a lot of activity around the basil plants that I had raised for medicinal purposes. There were these tiny bees that were imbibing the nectar.Though I keep on watching honey bees for a long time, the  first few days  when I go nearby, they flew away thinking me as a danger,  but nowadays they accept me and they are busy on their work.  I happened to see them closely through my son’s camera lens only today.

Tthe pollen they had on the underside we can say they were worker bees. I revered their hard work. They didn’t just come for a day. They came every day and did the same work they had done on the previous day. When I constantly noted their motion with a watch, their work didn’t reduce day by day but remained the same when I first saw them. They were regular and punctual. When the sun goes warm they are there and until dusk.

They had the same amount of energy in  them. They were there to help their family and they did it with dedication, hard work and what not. And my thought suddenly ran into Charles Darwin  theories “Survival of the fittest”, said thou, and now man is considered as the fittest. A shy smile came upon my face. If bees were our size and had just a little of our brains probably we would be extinct.

Honey bee –  is so brisk, active and hardworking,diligent and lively, why can’t we ?.


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