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A few days back I met a person, when I had been to get the provisions. The person whom I met was an auto driver and he is of 62 years. Generally, we had a talk about the meter fare that is introduced in the city.

He said it is less fare and the government should increase a bit which would be convenient for all.

As the talk were going I asked him about his family. He told that he has got two children. One was a boy and another was a girl. Then I asked him how so old are they. He said they both are married and they are working. I asked him in what job there are in. There his tone was sounding so happy. I felt that he has a  He told me the daughter is working in WIPRO as Assistant Manager. I was really surprised. I  felt that his tone sounds that he has achieved so much .  Then he told that both my son and daughter studied in one of the well  known college in the city which is ranked 5th in the city. The got in their college seats in merit. This was the achievement by the children. He was so overwhelmed, when I told him that “ you have brought up the children in the right way”. He said, “Yes, ma from the young age they struggled with me and stood by me all the way.”

Their mother, my wife is a heart patient and I have to spend so much for her treatment. They understood all the sufferings and they stood by me in all my achievements. Then he told about the achievement of his son, who is working as a supervisor in L&T. He also raised from small job to this level in a period of 3 years.

I fell spell bound on seeing the achievements of the children and the man who struggled through his life in procuring the fulfillment of his life. I could see content and glow in his face that he has achieved something.


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