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Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects in the world. The wonderful colours and fluttering flight is of elegance that attracts

everyone’s eye. Butterflies are of different color combination lie black and purple, red and black, black and copper blue,

yellow and violet, black and green, white and black, and many more. Butterflies have different patterns in their wings and body.

I have been watching these butterflies in  my back yard and I happen to notice one thing. Butterflies come by 10 to 11 am

and roam until 3 to Only at this time they are seen. I was wondering why?. After 5 months of observation i came to know

that birds do not appear much at this time. I really enjoy watching the butterflies , the way they sit and they flicker the wings

a few times and they close them. Butterflies open them again only when the move to another place or they try to fly.

Butterflies are little cute ones to  watch. The camouflage in their wings are another wonder in God’s creation.






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