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Experience is the outcome of experience. Is it not twisting. Yes, Experience comes to us only when we are doing the same work

many times. Whomsoever you may be or whatsoever the situation experience is plays a vital role. Right from the child to the old, 

from a ordinary person to a professional, experience gained by them makes a big difference. Experience is a kind of knowledge,

one gets out of their doings, surroundings and circumstances. We gain wisdom out of our experience. Our forefathers out of

their personal experience have attained their knowledge.They share that knowledge to us in many ways like stories, idioms, 

phrases. The experience may be like personal experience, mental experience, emotional experience, experience out of

immense learningspiritual experience,religious experience, medicinal experience, scientific  experience, political experience,

social experience  and like wise. So one can attain much knowledge on the particular field is out of experience.

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