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Bringing Up Children

Bringing up Children is both, enjoyable and a tough task. Rasing the kids the parents have a vital role. Lots of responsibility,

is there for the parents. This generation kids gets a lots of  exposure. The parents the mother and father should be thier role model

They both should be lenient as well as strict. They have to be friendly, and express the kids wrong doing in the right way.

Parents play an important role in molding up the children.

Accordingly, there should be liberty,but should know their responsibility. The children should know values of  love,discipline,

respect,time, money, hardship,duty. The children nowadays get only less time to talk to their parents. This should be avoided.

Daily or two days once the children and the parents should sit together and talk lively.

Nowadays, the kids doesn’t have the patience to listen. So, we have to convey the message  short and sweet and in the right way.

Most of all the parents must understand their mental outlook  in upbringing the children. This plays a vital role. So that their view should not

differ. Analyse, the positive in both and inculcate this in children.


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