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Onion Vendor

Vendors are of many type. Mobile Vendors, Street Vendors, Vendors on the main bazaar roads, Vendors on weekly market of

villages,vendors on highways etc. Many of the mobile vendors or on their legs, whereas a few on bicycle or a moped.

Whether, it is a rainy day or a sunny  day  the mobile vendors are regular.

They walk or ride street by street from early morning till the time their goods are sold.  Some sell a different item the morning

and another in the evening. Whereas some sell seasonal items according to the needs of the season.

Most of them earn their living by selling their goods. They earn a little sum of money and they manage their family.with that.

But when the bread winning vendor falls sick then the whole family will be in trouble  Whether it is a rainy day or a sunny  day

the mobile vendors are regular.

Many of them who sell flowers, greens and there a many who sell vegetables, plastic items, toys and so on.

In case of the street vendors and other type of vendors, they can manage as the other family member can assist them.

Hurricane Sandy – The tragic story of a mother

Sandy, the Hurricane has claimed nearly 75 lives which is of 95 MPH(Miles per hour), has lashed the nearly 5 states.

Hurricane Sandy, have washed many homes and  streets, roads and railway tracks are filled with water . Many are in queue to get oil

for thier genrators. Whereas, I happened to read this morning that a mother – Glenda Moore, who lost her two children in the flood is

the saddest part , The poor mother couldn’t save the children though, she was a strong swimmer. Though, the mother and children

escaped 3 sandy waves the fourth one have forcefully grabbed the children away from her. She was on her duty, and she wanted

to leave her boys in the relatives house. But before she reaching the relatives house this tragic incident has happened. Let us pray

for the the poor mother from her own hands, to loose the small kids for the nature’s calamity.


Litter in Theaters

My dear  friends, here is a humble request. I happen to see people litter in theaters.They enjoy

the movie with snacks and drinks. Movie or cinema is an enterainment but it turns disastrous

to some of them. Some gentle men and women  keep or drop the cups & cans of  coke, pepsi,

sprite, 7up, fanta, miranda ,other soft drinks their chairs and seats. This in turn gets spilled all over and the floor is slippery.

Litter in theaters causes lots of misshappenings like the elderly people falling down. Some times the kids,

and it even causes sprain in legs. Not only this, the big popcorn cups and other snakcs like pups

and hotdogs pouches get struck in the shoes or chapels and causes hazardous fall in the steps

of the theaters. Litter in theaters is happening in mall theaters, big cinemas and so on. Kindly, leave the

cups on the places provided or take it and throw in the dustbins. Why don’t we train our kids

to do so, they can cultivate this type of good habits from young age. This will help us to keep

our surroundings neat and clean.


A successful widow

The real story  of a successful widow

A successful  widow  who brought her children after a great struggle and hardship. In my childhood I have seen her sufferings and struggle. This is very much lingering in my mind.

She was married to a husband who belong to a small village, His profession was climbing palm trees. They had three children two girls and a boy.  The father passed away all of a sudden, due to snake bite, on his way to his work. The children were so young.

The widow was the only bread winner of the family.The widow had helping neighbors but even then it was her duty to raise up the kids. So, she daily gets up by 4.00 in the morning, cooks food then before sunrise by 5.00 AM.She goes to the fields picks up pebbles like stones in sacks. Then she cooks the stones in fire with woods in a fire place especially made of mud. Then the cooked stones which are turned into calcium stones are cooled down .These stones on adding water it is used for white wash. She next day she has to carry that stones which are very heavy. It a long way of five Kilometers by walk through fields and small narrow paths and there she sells it for a small amount of money and she gets some provisions to run her family.Three days of hardship and the fourth day she earns a little bit.

That is how she spent nearly 18 years. The successful widow’s son is settled and one daughter is settled. Whereas, other died of illness, as She became mad by the age of 10 and because of that too, this poor widow has to face many problems.

Whenever she has to go on work she has to lock the ill child her in the small hut and leave for work. Some times due to peak of madness that child used to break the doors and come out and threaten the neighbors. At the age of 19,that  daughter passed away. Though as a mother she was much upset, but she consoled herself saying ” I couldn’t see her any more suffering, “Thank God, he has taken her away at the right time”.

The Successful widow lives in the same place with her own earnings, though she suffers severe headaches often. She says this is because of the heavy weight she used to carry on her head. She is nearing her 75. Now, she is happy that her grand children are much better in life compared to her.  The will power, strength,and the strong mind and guts she has is unimaginable. Isn’t she a successful widow.







Expectation is the great culprit for many problems. Expectations from the family members either the child from their parents are the parents from the child, between husband and wife, between sisters, brothers, sisters and brothers. Like wise the expectations goes on in all forms. From the top level to bottom levels in business, government and so on. So the whole life is surrounded with expectations. When this expectation is not fulfilled there arises a problem. It may be small,  big or great and that also depends on their level of expectation. There are a few exceptions. There are some who can go cool on all the happenings but even they have certain fall backs. Solution – Never, ever think of anything. Do your work sincerely, do your duty, ignore the wrong perceptions on you. Most of all Silence is the Best Medicine.

Pimples – Remedy

Daily apply the juice of Sweet Basil leaves on the faces and leave it to dry. After 15 minutes wash with normal water.  It is natural, no side effects and very much effective. I applied to my son who had pimples and its not there. You can grow this in your backyard or in a pot. It grows quickly.

Note: Extract the juice by pressing the leaves by holding in your palms and crush it.

Preserving – Grounded Powders

Normally, we grind powders like Turmeric, Chilly, Coriander,  Wheat, Raggi and so on. After grinding the powders allow them to cool for few hours as it would be hot. After cooling it put it in air tight containers. Put the powder to quarter of the container then press it with a dry spatula  till the powder goes tight. Then again you fill the powder and again press it with spatula. Keep on pressing till the powder is filled and tight so no gaps in between. It should be so tight that while taking we have struggle a little. Then cover it with a neat clothe or plastic bag and close it air tight. Thus the grounded powders will remain the same for an year or so. Store it in a dry place. The taste and smell remains the same and no bugs are formed. While taking, carefully use dry spoon and again press the powder and keep it tightly closed as mentioned above..

Note : Store powder in a small container for daily use.

Cooked Potatoes – Skin Peeling

Cut the potatoes to four halves, one cut lengthwise and the other breadth wise. After it is cooked take away with the help of fork by poking on the skinless side from the hot water. Keep it in the plate and just remove the skin from one corner. It will be removed easily. Now take the fork  out. You do it similarly for all cooked potatoes. We can smash it with the fork itself or we can use a spoon.

So Near and Yet So Far

Dear Friends,

I shared the happiest moment yesterday and now, I am sharing with you the saddest moment too. This incident happened one week after my close friends call after 16 years – The happiness knew no bounds. That happiest moment turned sad within a week when I heard the news that her husband was no more. It all happened that sudden that she lost her husband in 2 hours – Massive heart attack. She was entirely collapsed not knowing what to do.? When I came to know that nearly 5 days passed and I was totally upset. I was much much upset as I was not able to be there with her at the time of need – So Near and yet So Far. The other thing made me sad was how I am going to face her  a situation which has to be only happiness, –  a meet after a long time. But now, it is the other way round – I was not able to control myself. – At-last,  I consoled myself saying – She was shown to her at the right time – At the time of need.

The bridge between Friends – Facebook

A year has passed since the day one of my close friend spoke to me nearly after 16 years, the pity is we both live 3 km away in the same city,.  She got in touch with me through my nephew, whom she had seen when he was 3 years old.Seeing him in the profile picture, she had a doubt if it was him and so she searched his friends and found my younger sister, and she confirmed that was the same person. Then she found my mobile number and called me an Saturday night by 10 p.m. I was so surprised on her call and my happiness knew no bounds. We talked for nearly 15 minutes and we planned to meet by the following weekend or so. She was my school friend and we did our postgraduate together. The very next day another friend too called me and spoke with me. Those were happy days of my life, and we brought back the memories of our young days. We must thank Facebook for having been the bridge for us – FRIENDS.

Crow and Cuckoo/Koel


The Cuckoo chick ready To leave the foster mother


The innocent crow and the cunning cuckoo

Crow – The Foster Mother

The crow is the step mother of all cuckoos.  The cuckoo which does not a build nest of its own cunningly plans to multiple its species. Do you

know,how?. When the egg is ready to be laid the female bird with the help of the male find the crows nest. The crow has two to three eggs of its

own, in its nest. The cuckoo carefully watching the crows movement in the nest, at the right time reaches the nest. By pushing down or

swallowing one of the crows egg it lays its own. The crow incubates the eggs and one is for sure cuckoo’s  chick and the other is crow’s which

is need for the cuckoo to brood for its species to survive. The eggs hatches out of which one or two is cuckoo chicks.Crow feeds and brings up

the young ones with utter care as its own. When the time comes for the chicks to fly the chicks come out of the nests and tries to fly of its

own. But for a day or two all the birds train their kids to fly by flying short distances and low heights. Not only that they feed them also to  I

happened to watch that seen often in our villages and sometime around our place too. During this period the parent cuckoos comes to the

rescue of their chicks.  The innocent crow fights with the cuckoos chasing them from its foster chicks. This I happen to have seen often and I

feel very much  for the crow though I like the calls of cuckoo.

The Harsh Reality – Life

My dear Friends


Today I was so upset , I really do not know why?. But a lot of heavyness was there in my mind. I really wanted to share with you all.

Life that is of twist and turns. No innocence, love, affection, adjustments, understanding, patience and what not. What remains is only ego,

cheating, money mindedness, anger, harshness, hatred, and so on. We come across so many people with different characters. I feel that

we are very much mechanical in our life.  I wish to go to a land or back ages or periods where there is peace of mind, though I knew that is not

possible. It is becoming really difficult for me to get out of all this pressures around us.

The harsh life

Beauty of Nature

Friends it is a hard reality that we are not able to enjoy the nature due to our mechanical life. For just 5 minutes, we can relish the natures beauty with a cup of coffee in our hand  either in the morning or in the evenings. Both the sunrise and sunsets are awesome even if you live in cities. Just look from the balconies of your room. It would be soothing to your mind. If you are tensed are upset go to the terrace or balcony, backyard or front-yard where you can see the sky or the nature. It gives a kind of peace to your mind. So, relish it.That is the beauty of nature

Childhood Days

The lovely kittens that are roaming around my home drives me to the past golden past days of my childhood.When I was young I happen to spend my holidays in the villages of my Dad and Mom. Those were lovely days and I still remember them. I really feel bad for the kids of the present generation who have and are missing those opportunities. I used to pickup the stones from the lands and play with my village friends. I love to watch the hen and cute chicks roaming here and there. Sparrows chirping around. do remember me having taken a small sparrow and feeding it. I loved kittens so much that most of my pass-time was with it. I love to feed them with milk and the it come rounding my legs and lying beside me in the bed when I sleep. Those were the carefree days. I am happy and lucky to have got such lovely times.

Eco Friendly – Trees

Dear Friends

The waywardly breeze, the shade from sun the rhyming chirping of the birds and the occasional peeks of the squirrels have been lost with what the government calls road expansion and easing of traffic. Is their real motive is to expand the road and lay underground drainages or cut the trees and get a handsome profit.  But the beauty is that they cut all the trees which are not an hindrance at all. We all know that how amny years it takes for a tree to come that too huge ones. Many are more than 60 years but they are easily cut within few hours.

Back Yard

Hi Friends

I happened to see many lovely creatures in our back yard where we grow plants and trees.From small ants, spiders and Lizards do live in our back yard. The beautiful butterflies, small birds, squirrels, different kind of bees for the honey flowers are regular guests. Each one has different timings and it is really soothing to see them all in this small place. This gives you a kind of refreshment. Maintaining the plants at the backyard you get sunlight which is a natural source of Vitamin D naturally. Just 10 mints if you spend it is enough. The plants are eco firendly, watching creatures are mind_friendly. Do watch the little creatures and experience. This activity will keep you very enthu too.

The Squirrel





Bright Advertisements but Dark Streets


I happened to travel through one of the main road of the city. There were no street lights. But the advertisement boards were so bright on the sides of the road. The boards are of approximately 6 feet high and 1 1/2feet width . Atleast 2 to 3 tube lights must be there for each add board.

The add boards are there for the entire road on both sides at a distance of 10 feet aprox. You can calculate how much of elctricity is wasted in this. But we citizens suffer without current for 8 to 9 hrs not even the street ligts are on. Many people suffer because of this as there is lot of burglaries and … goes on. This is the plight of our nation. Whom to be blamed?? Only We.


This is a friendly blog, that I wanted to write for a long. But, only now the time has come to me. I wanted to share certain happenings, experiences, views with my friends and in the same way, they can also share theirs. Friends, you can come out with your thoughts, views. ideas, feelings and so on whether it is a happy one or a sad one. The happy ones when shared Doubles the Happiness and the Sorrow ones will lessen your worries or sorrowfulness. This is what friends are for. 

I am in a way gifted to have close friends to share my thoughts and feelings. Though, I don’t see them or talk to them often I do share with them then & there and ease myself – This site is a gratitude to all such friends – Thanks my dear friends.

Happy Father

I was cleaning the portico, I heard a voice, I went and saw who it was. It was a man who comes once in a month or so. He was a man affected with leprosy. I usually give him few rupees. Today, he was so bright and energitic. He told me that his daughter has got 440 marks out of 500 in the 10th public result . He also told me that a person who was helping by giving them some money for the child studies has passed away recently. I asked him if he had joined her in 11th he said yes and told me that by begging atleast he will make the child study. – A saying in tamil says – “pichai eduthaenum kalvi kal is a saying ” – which means-  If, ” No money for Education Don’t Hesitate to Beg”. – here the disabled father is begging for his child.

A day of remembrance

June 2nd 2012

Today,  I happened to be in my son’s farewell party. Though I was not there fully I heard his thanksgiving speech.I was overwhelmed. I saw him with the mike nearly after 10 years. Though, the modulation in the speech, was not so good, the words he conveyed touched everyone. Even a few cried.I came to know how much he is going to miss his friends. I felt bad for having taken him away from his friends,  but in a way happy that this is why he has realized the true and real  value of friendship. I am sure he will get some more friends from new atmosphere. I wish him Good Luck .