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Preserving – Grounded Powders

Normally, we grind powders like Turmeric, Chilly, Coriander,  Wheat, Raggi and so on. After grinding the powders allow them to cool for few hours as it would be hot. After cooling it put it in air tight containers. Put the powder to quarter of the container then press it with a dry spatula  till the powder goes tight. Then again you fill the powder and again press it with spatula. Keep on pressing till the powder is filled and tight so no gaps in between. It should be so tight that while taking we have struggle a little. Then cover it with a neat clothe or plastic bag and close it air tight. Thus the grounded powders will remain the same for an year or so. Store it in a dry place. The taste and smell remains the same and no bugs are formed. While taking, carefully use dry spoon and again press the powder and keep it tightly closed as mentioned above..

Note : Store powder in a small container for daily use.

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