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Small Scientist

when I was on my small walk around my residence, I happened to see some children playing. Among them one was driving cycle

whereas, one naughty kid was holding the back stand of the cycle on the middle of the ride. One smart kid told the naughty not

to do so as it may make the one riding the cycle might fall and cause injury. But the naughty kid became furious and started

saying,”He is my brother I can do whatever I want,  who are you, to say not to do. But the smart kid again said , if he falls and

gets injuries who will take care. The naughty kid said,” my father will take care, he will take him to the hospital and spend money.

Why do you worry?”. He was about to bully the smart boy. I was about to go to stop them. But a small  girl who was also playing

with them intervened in between those both to avoid their  fight.

But again the naughty boy started his fight by wrestling the other. They fell down fighting within the time I reach them.

So, I went and stopped their fight and advised the naughty kid not to do so. He was very much in anger and said nothing.

Then I asked all their names and school and left for my walk.

Then after some time I happened to meet that smart kid and enquired about his class and studies. He said he is

in 5th standard. He is good at studies too. He has got good marks – ‘A’Grade. I then asked what he wants to be in future.

After a long hesitation he came out with an answer saying “Micrology Scientist” (Microbiology scientist).

Though he spelt it  wrong, I was moved on by the answer, and I wished him All Success and Good Luck.

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