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Inspiring Personalites

In our Day today life we come across many persons who inspire our life. I have come across so many who has inspired me and I wished I would share about them on this Wonderful Year 2015.

Among many Inspiring Personalites my father falls first, he is, who has inspired me a lot.  Though every child or the daughter likes his or her father, my father is one of the Extraordinary man.

I have seen him as a perfect person in his duties, a man who is regular in his routines,observing nature, judging things, doing good to all a man of iron heart,  but a person who loves the family and friends. – He thought us we should not fail in all our duties.

It was a time when there was no media. He has brought up us with all the basic knowledge he had gathered in his life by narrating about them, to us – His Children – He gave us basic knowledge on various fields.

He had given us the the freedom to voice out our opinions in all the decisions he had to take, either it be business or family matters. He has given importance to our opinions and if  it is right he never hesitated to put that in action though we were young. He has  guided us – To tackle the hard situations.

He has brought us up independent, educated us, and he has highlighted our talents, in a way we feel that we have been a forerunners to the community –

I feel immensely happy to express my gratitude to my father who has guided us in the  right way.

He has inspired me, inspiring and has to inspire more in my life.